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Interview on the site
with Anne-Sophie Baumann

Elena Selena, author and paper engineer of the formidable Jardin bleu, Jungle and Neige, among others, is preparing a new animated title for the start of the school year... In the meantime, let's speak with her about her training, and her current projects!
What is your background and how did you begin making pop-up books?
Elena Selena:

I grew up in Lithuania. I had picture albums, but I didn't know about animated books yet. I discovered them in France. My father, a ceramist by trade, the son of an engineer, was very handy. He strongly encouraged my graphic expression. As a child, I really liked doing things with my hands...

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Chronicle on the site

Interview for the show
"Foule Continentale" on France Inter

I get a lot of inspiration from forests in winter. When I was little, we used to go for walks, it was all white, there weren't even any tracks, it's a place that can seem frozen and a bit dead. But when we look closely, we see that there is plenty of life, a little hidden.

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Interview on Lithuanian national television for the program "Kultūros diena"(in Lithuanian)

In the winter, the window display of the Pompidou Bookstore of the Center for Contemporary Art in Paris is decorated with an art poster featuring the name of Elena Selena, a book illustrator from Lithuania, and the heroes of her book Snow. The author says that this book is inspired by her childhood memories of the white Lithuanian winter, its snowy forests, and winter landscapes.

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Interview on the site Ricochet

It is said that you can meet a Lithuanian in every nook and corner of the world. One that we can meet in Paris is Elena Seleniene, alias Elena Selena, a young rising pop-up book star with two superb books published by Gallimard Jeunesse, Jardin bleu (2017) and Jungle (2018).

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